Why Can’t I Sleep? The 5 Most Common Sleep Problems and How to Deal with Them

August 14, 2013 by  

You can’t sleep, either? Join the club! It seems like most of the country is sleep deprived these days. While there are dozens of reasons for lost sleep, there are certain sleep issues that are more epidemic than others. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean you should have to suffer, though. In no particular order, these are the most common complaints of a nation at war with their pillows.

  1. Help! My Brain won’t leave me Alone! – If your brain lights up the minute the lights go out you’re not alone. Once it’s dark and quiet, we have time and space to worry about all the things we’re too busy to think about during the day. Invest in a journal to keep on your bedside table. Make brain dumping a part of your nightly ritual. It’s much better to have all of that stuff on paper than floating around in your brain.
  2. My Partner Snores like a Bear – If your partner is snoring, chances are high that neither one of you are getting high quality sleep. Your partner should see a doctor as soon as possible to have the snoring issue addressed. If your snoring partner is overweight (a common cause of snoring), losing even a little bit of weight can make a big difference with snoring. In the meantime, invest in earplugs or a white noise machine.
  3. I Love Better Sleep - Snoring

  4. Night Waking – If you find yourself waking up at night, don’t perpetuate the situation by doing things that wake you up even more. If you need to go to the bathroom, of course do that, but that’s it. Come straight back to bed, don’t turn on the lights or the TV. Don’t check the clock, either. When you realize what time it is, you might start to freak out about lost sleep, which is only going to make it harder to go back to sleep.
  5. I Love Better Sleep - Back Pain

  6. My Aching Back – If you have chronic back pain, you can benefit from yoga and back strengthening exercises. If your mattress is less than ideal, it could be that your bed is the source of your pain. Given the amount of time we spend in bed, investing in the best mattress you can afford is a wise use of your money.
  7. I Sleep, but I don’t feel like I have in the Morning – If you believe that you’ve slept through the night, but you’re dragging in the morning, you’re probably waking up during the wrong part of your sleep cycle. Use one of the many free sleep cycle calculators available online to figure out how to time your falling asleep and waking up in a way that doesn’t interrupt your REM sleep.

You may be experiencing one of these issues, or you might have a combination of two or more of them happening simultaneously. Take heart; while sleep issues can feel like a not-so-sweet form of torture, they are almost always fixable. Give these solutions a try, and you just might get some sleep before you start to feel like an extra in Night of the Living Dead.

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