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Can you remember the last time you changed your sheets? If you’ve been sleeping on the same old cotton sheets for years, it’s time for a change. Sheex Bed Sheets can help you get a better night’s sleep than old fashioned cotton sheets. Both room temperatures and body temperatures can fluctuate throughout the night, and in order to be comfortable, you need bed sheets that will accommodate those changes. If you get too hot or too cold while you sleep, you’ll probably find yourself kicking of layers or searching for extra blankets during the middle of the night; the last thing you want to be doing when you’re supposed to be getting some shuteye. Nothing ruins a great night’s sleep faster than waking up shivering or drenched in sweat, which is exactly what happens with old fashioned cotton sheets.

Why Sheex?

  • Inspired by athletic fabrics – If you’ve bought any workout wear over the last couple of decades, you know how much fabrics have changed in the world of athletic gear. The days of working out in cotton t-shirts and scratchy poly-blend athletic shorts are over. Today’s athletic fabrics are designed for your comfort, and Sheex took it’s inspiration from these gains in athletic fabric technology. If we have the technology to make clothing that keeps are cool and dry during a high-intensity workout, there is no excuse for not having the same comfort while we sleep. Check out Triathlon World Champion, Mirinda Carfrae’s Sheex testimonial to see why she loves her Sheex.
  • Sheex breathe 50% better than cotton – Sheets that breathe help keep you cool and dry, regardless of how the room temperature or your body temperature are changing throughout the night. Fabrics that don’t breathe trap your body heat, creating a sleeping environment that can become uncomfortably warm as the night progresses.
  • Wick away moisture – Whether you’re dealing with steamy summer weather and a broken air conditioner or the discomfort of menopausal hot flashes, sometimes you’re going to sweat when you sleep. If you’ve ever woken up to sheets drenched in sweat, you know how uncomfortably miserable it is. Sheex wick away moisture, so even if you sweat during the night, you’ll wake up dry.
  • Regulate body temperature – Because Sheex are so breathable and wick away moisture, they regulate your body temperature as you sleep. This means you won’t get too hot or too cold, both of which can lead to nights of disturbed sleep as you wake up to add or remove layers.
  • Incredibly soft and Luxurious – Because so much of your skin comes in contact with your sheets while you sleep, the feel of your sheets is important. Sheets that are thin, course, or scratchy feel awful against bare skin. Everyone loves the feeling of soft, luxurious sheets, and Sheex feel so fantastic, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you slip into bed each night.

Your bed should be a place of pure comfort. Even if you’ve got a great mattress, if your sheets aren’t comfortable, you’re not going to be comfortable. Change your sheets to Sheex and experience the difference in your sleep.

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