Is Being a Tourist Killing Your Sleep? 6 Ways to Get Better Sleep While on Vacation

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Travel can have a negative impact on sleep. Anyone who has ever experienced jet lag can tell you that. It isn’t just jet lag, though. Even if you never set foot on a plane during your vacation, changes in scenery and daily routine wreak havoc on sleep for many travelers. In order to have the most fun and return from vacation feeling rejuvenated, rather than depleted, you’ll need to take measures to get a good night’s sleep every night that you’re away.

  • Maintain a Schedule while you’re Away – It can be easy to let it fall by the wayside, but try to maintain a schedule that includes going to sleep and waking up at the same times while you’re away, just like you would at home. It might be worth it to you to be sleep deprived if staying up means you get to experience something spectacular, but as a matter of course, you’ll probably want to climb into bed around the same time every night.
  • Go Back to your Hotel before you’re ready to Collapse – Head back when you’re feeling just a little bit sleepy. Give yourself a bit of time to unwind and go through a bedtime routine instead of falling directly into bed. Just like at home, maintaining a predictable routine before bed will give your body the signal that it’s time to gear down and go to sleep.
  • I Love Better Sleep - Hotel Room

  • White Noise – Hotels are not always conducive to rest. Bringing a portable white noise machine to drown out other people’s activity can be very helpful. If you find yourself in a room with neighbors who make an unreasonable amount of noise late at night, don’t hesitate to call the front desk and ask them to alert the people that they are disturbing others, or ask if it would be possible to switch rooms. It might be unreasonable to expect silence after nine, but it isn’t unreasonable to expect children jumping off of beds right above your head to be told to settle down after 11.
  • Limit Alcohol Consumption – It’s fine to have a few cocktails and let down your hair, but know your limits. Besides all of the other potential problems, getting drunk and spending half the night throwing up and the next day hungover can wreak havoc on your vacation plans.
  • Pillow

  • Bring your own Pillow – While some hotels have fantastic pillows, you never know until you show up whether you’ll be getting a nice one or a cheap, flat pillow that kills your neck.
  • Take a Siesta – If you’ve switched time zones or plan to have days that are much more on-the-go than you are accustomed to, schedule in some time after lunch to take a power nap. You’ll feel a million times better, and get much more enjoyment out of the activities you have planned for after.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. You should return home feeling more energized than when you left. Doing what you can to ensure that you get enough shuteye when you’re away from home, and you won’t need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

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