What’s In a Pillow?

April 28, 2015 by  

It’s a common fact that not everyone shares the same preferences or enjoys the same type of comfort while they drift off to dreamland. Some people sleep on their side, some people prefer a cool environment, and still others like firm support for their head or neck. A major influence on the quality of your rest is your pillow. But fortunately for you, there’s a pillow for almost everyone. Check out some of the examples below to learn about which pillow is right for you:

I Love Better Sleep Pillow Infographic

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Does Getting Better Sleep Help High Blood Pressure?

March 20, 2015 by  

The short answer to this important question is that most likely getting better sleep helps high blood pressure. In fact, anyone wishing to explore the Mayo Clinic website will find evidence supporting the fact that adequate sleep does indeed support more normalized blood pressure at virtually any age. The Mayo Clinic research indicates that sleeping fewer than six hours each night can actually contribute to and exacerbate increased blood pressure. Going further, the research suggests that sleeping fewer than five hours each night may not only contribute to causing high blood pressure but it may also aggravate an existing high blood pressure condition. This research also suggests that getting ample amounts of sleep serves to better regulate stress hormones in the body.

Effectively Regulate Stress

In short, getting generous amounts of sleep each night can help to ensure that the body functions in a more healthy way. This includes helping the nervous system to remain healthy. When stress hormones are hindered or prevented from doing their job due to lack of sleep, this can lead to the body’s inability to effectively regulate stress. When stress is poorly regulated, a direct byproduct is usually high blood pressure. As such, making it a point to sleep a minimum of seven hours each night may help to reduce the incidence of elevated blood pressure. As with sleep apnea and other conditions, there are many factors that may contribute to insomnia and poor sleep. Consulting with a medical care provider is often the best option in determining what is causing poor sleep quality.

Overall Health And Wellness

Elevated blood pressure or hypertension is a serious problem in today’s world. This combined with weak adrenals can cause one to become increasingly unhealthy over time. Weak adrenal glands are typically the result of excessive stress and fear. Because we live in a fear-based world it is easy to experience weak adrenal glands, elevated stress and poor sleep quality. Other studies conducted over the years have shown the catastrophic effects of sleep deprivation on human health. There is little doubt that sleeping plays an essential and vital role in the overall health and wellness of people of all ages. While sleep requirements do decline with age, it is the quality of sleep that is most important. For example, those sleeping fewer hours in the later years of life can still feel refreshed, vibrant and healthy by enjoying more quiet and restful sleep.

Self-Check Blood Pressure Machine

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Many Important Health Benefits

Finally, understanding why getting better sleep helps high blood pressure can be as simple as focusing on maintaining improved sleep patterns prior to having one’s blood pressure tested. Consulting with your doctor and keeping a medical professional in the loop with regard to changes in blood pressure over time while monitoring the amount of quality sleep that is achieved each night can help to determine the effectiveness of adequate sleep. Getting a restful night’s sleep has many important health benefits that are worth exploring by those who take health and wellness seriously. Reducing hypertension and better managing blood pressure over the long-term is just one important example of this.

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